Installing SSL in cPanel

Install 3rd party SSL certificate

If you sent off your CSR to a certificate authority, you should have gotten back a matching SSL certifcate that you can now go back and install on the server to use for your website.

  1. click generate certificate

    Access the cPanel SSL/TLS Manager

    Click on Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates


  2. paste or upload your ssl certificate

    Now either paste your certificate info into the Paste your certificate below box and click Save Certificate

    Or click Choose File to browse your local computer for the certificate file and click on Upload Certificate


Activate SSL certificate on web site

Now that you've generated a private key, generated a CSR, and installed a SSL on your account, you should be ready to activate that SSL certificate for your website.

  1. click setup an ssl certificate to work with your site

    Access the cPanel SSL/TLS Manager

    Click on Setup an SSL certificate to work with your site


  2. select ssl domain click autofill by domain

    From the Domain drop-down, select the domain you're installing your SSL certificate on, and then click Autofill by Domain


  3. click install certificate

    In this case you can see it's warning us that the Issuer is self-signedwhich is fine. If you actually installed a 3rd party verified certificate you shouldn't see this warning.

    Click on Install Certificate


  4. ssl certificate installation success

    You should see a pop-up saying the SSL was successfully configured, then just click OK



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